• RIAD is your gateway to introduction into the design/construction industry in Canada
  • The RIAD acknowledges your international professional experience within your field
  • RIAD will help you gain Canadian experience in your field
  • RIAD puts you into a competitive context while working on a specific project type with a professional team
  • RIAD get you into direct contact with consultants who review your work
  • RIAD puts you into direct contact with plans examiners who help you reference code requirements directly related to your project work
  • Your project experience reflects your experience and is seen by people in the workforce.
  • You gain competitive advantage and networking opportunities with people who actually know your work on a closer level
  • You gain references of professionals and consultants in your field which you can utilize in your resume and add to the credibility of your qualifications
  • RIAD will get you in touch with specialized recruiters who acknowledge your experience gained at RIAD and will assist you in securing the right position for you.
  • RIAD can introduce you to new and emerging project types
  • At RIAD you have the opportunity to work on specific areas of specialization in projects (industrial clean room designs, healthcare treatment facilities, cold room designs, courtrooms, airports, auditoria..etc)
  • RIAD encourages process-oriented knowledge and project-oriented research
  • RIAD engages you in the following:
    • Programming/Planning
    • Materials research
    • Cost controlling
    • Post occupancy survey
  • RIAD establishes for you an environment of collaboration with industry professionals
  • RIAD establishes for you an environment of understanding with regulatory bodies
  • RIAD assists you to access and navigate references and standards
  • RIAD creates for you a continuous technical dialogue and awareness of project-specific trends
  • RIAD helps you apply your software tools to challenging projects for simulations, modelling and analysis

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